#Get_Mobile – Vive la évolution !


Any sufficiently advanced technology is equivalent to magic. – Arthur C. Clarke


On 15th of December 2016, my classmates and I attended the last seminar of the year “Get Mobile“. All speakers in this seminar gave us insight of the development of mobile phones and M-commerce, in addition how these things open new doors in advertising for businesses. The seminar highlighted how mobile phones has completely revolutionized not only how businesses operate but our lives too.

let’s find out how smartphones are taking over, 


The first speaker of the day was Dr. Doua’ A. Nassar

Dr. Doua’ A. Nassar is an Assistant Professor in Faculty of Computer and Information Science, Information System Department at Princess Nourah bint Abdulrahman University. She is interested in e-commerce, m-commerce and social media. She started the seminar explaining what M-commerce, M-commerce attributes and applications.

In addition to the difference between E and M commerce where i learned that In e-commerce, the use of the internet is necessary yet in the case of m-commerce the utilization of the internet is not compulsory.

she showed us the power of mobile all through the society and this present period. she gave us insights made me understand that the force of social media and the improvement of its social innovations are significantly more progressed than I suspected. which reminded me of a video I watched while back about buying groceries from supermarket without the need…. you know what let me show you the video 

Smart right ? very advansed too. I was very fascinated because i loved the idea ! Also, Dr. Doua’ discussed M-commerce development life cycle which depends on coordinated improvement structure, contains reconciliation of basic considers every period of frameworks advancement life cycle of m-commerce applications and in addition rules to take after for leading exercises in the application improvement, including particular models, apparatuses and procedures.


Finally, she talked about the war between android and iOS and showed us some comparison between the two. 


#team_iOS though. what about you ?


The second speaker was Colm Dwyer, Head of Sales, Microsoft Ireland he talked about Microsoft and Mobility. 

Colm Dwyer let us know that Microsoft is working to deliver devices which have a wonderful design and feel and how proud microsoft is with them because they make a difference.
Also, how they’ve addressed customer needs and wants, as they’ve separated their devices to top of the line smartphones and to moderate and affordable smartphones. I discovered that with a specific end goal to build deals, it is imperative to meet costumer fulfillment first. another wonderfull  thing was video showing us the release of new lumia devices which believed to have an awesome stride to impact our day by day lives.  

Microsoft Lumia as he said is the smooth multitasking nature of the phone in the way it works precisely like a PC aimed to enhance efficiency with the best Windows 10 encounter. From his talk, I understood the importance of  mobile marketing in this day and age, cell phones has been a piece of humans lives, subsequently, for organizations, taking in the procedures on the best way to do marketing through cell phones are huge to  most organizations.  when smart devices turn out to be significantly more developed, for instance, google glass and apple watch, there are going have substantially more open doors for marketing, mobile marketing will take over the business world.

here is another video of lumia device, it shows how Microsoft keeping up with the trends and relating the product to their customers 

In conclusion, this is a mobile era, this is a mobile world. mobile associations implies opportunities, mobile relationship implies potential outcomes. Opportunities prompt to innovativeness, possibilities lead to improvement.Mobile marketing is thriving and assuming an essential part in business world. I figured out how critical is it for organizations to connect with Mobile marketing and how viable it is whether they are led appropriately.  Free wifi, applications, messages and emails are fundamental channels to help business do the mobile marketing. Having compelling mobile marketing implies better deals figure, bigger clients number and an approach to achievement and revive.

Vive la évolution !




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( Get Digital) – BE NEXT

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“Never underestimate the power of dreams and the influence of the human spirit. We are all the same in this notion: The potential for greatness lives within each of us.” – Wilma Rudolph

In the 3rd of November 2016, a seminar was held in the main theater with the title (Get digital) The Two guests that were attending were Salwa Al Qunaibit and Mashael AlDraiaan they both talked about the companies they worked in. their speeches inspired me spiritually and professionally. How they changed the world around them to fit them and how they never quit reaching their goals no matter what. It’s easy to give in to feelings of self-doubt and back down from challenges. But that’s certainly not what being a strong woman is all about and that is what I gained that day from those great women. 

In addition this seminar pointed out how digital marketing could help entrepreneurs take their business to the next level. 


 let’s jump to details !



Salwa Al Qunaibit was the first one to talk, she is the founder of Haya Tours, she founded it in 2009 because of the government in Saudi Arabia invested on heritage promotions she founded it as an opportunity to start her tourism business along with her passionate on heritage history of Saudi Arabia. She talked generally about her company, how she started, and give us some empowering words.


Haya tours were the first female-owned tourism company back in 2009, After retirement she came up with idea to start the business (since I love traveling, why not start a tourism services in Saudi Arabia). She faced many challenges such as getting licensed and organizing the tours and how to attract tourists.

I don’t run away from a challenge because I am afraid. Instead, I run towards it because the only way to escape fear is to trample it beneath your foot. -Nadia Comaneci

She uses her website to conduct the business and the business transactions, and social media accounts such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube to promote for her business. Although Haya tours is on every popular social media platform are not exceptionally active which is something that ought to be looked on as a business person you will not get the full advantage of online networking if you don’t have substance to share and connect with your future and potential customers.

There are approximately 18.3 million users of smartphones in Saudi Arabia, in my opinion Haya tours should take that to benefit from. People nowadays rely on their digital devices more from checking E-mails to booking tickets. Likewise, interfacing with clients in online networking is basic, listen what the client needs and wants and provide them.



The second speaker was Mashael AlDraiaan, she is the Head of Marketing at Vanilla, which is an online boutique that sells makeup, clothes and perfumes, owned by Ecommerce SEA company. she graduated with a Bachelor Degree in English Literature in 2011 and a Master’s degree in New Media in 2015, both from King Saud University, Riyadh. She used to work as an academic researcher at Princess Noura University but she felt that isn’t the right place for her, later on she found herself working in Vanilla store which is something very different from what she imagined herself doing.

In her presentation she discussed Vanilla, their examples of overcoming adversity, and their promoting systems which I need to concede as Marketer I thought that it was extremely intriguing because they didn’t have much information about marketing yet they picked up it by doing researches and methods like testing new ideas for their advertising. in addition, Mashael mentioned that they had a case where one of their customer reviews was critical, the user gave reviews and ideas to improve some of their approaches therefore Vanilla connected her and asked her more about ways of improving, this kind of interaction with customers make them loyal and help the company develop better. Also, They urge their workers to be imaginative and to gain from their analyses however much as could reasonably be expected to profit the organization. Although they lacked basic marketing strategies they succeed in attracting customers.



In the end both speakers were wonderful, the entire thought of social business and practical business is made to accomplish and find the boundless learning and inventiveness that accompanies it. I believe the digital era is coming,( if it didn’t start yet ) and both speakers are real life example on how digital have impact on your organization and how it can reshape it. Digital Marketing is creating new opportunities for companies everywhere.

Greatness is not measured by what a man or woman accomplishes, but by the opposition he or she has overcome to reach his goals.

Dorothy Height

I loved that their background history in education was unexpected both of their major had nothing to do with what they are doing now, I guess it is true what they say “ no matter what road you take you will end up where you supposed to be.”  I also adored their speeches about women empowerment because watching two great women making it makes you feel proud and ambitious. Both ladies are role models and business women I aspire to be like them one day, both of them faced many challenges like Mrs. Salma she started her own business and fought for it and never gave up even when others will, Changing how people look at tourism in Saudi Arabia and because she was the first women to start business like that she had to work long hours to get to where she is now. In the other hand Miss Mashael told us how effective thinking outside of the box can be and how to never stop developing yourself and your work, how to be unstoppable.

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Till next time, stay motivated !

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GET STARTED – (Entrepreneur Journey)


Get Started Seminar

This is first seminar I went to under Digital Innovation, Creativity and Enterprise Seminar Series. It was about Entrepreneurs. The objective of the workshop was to give my classmates and I a perspective of how new business thoughts start, how endeavors more often than not begin their voyage, the difficulties that any new company may face, and how new companies beat these difficulties.

Before this seminar, I thought entrepreneur is framed by taking risks in addition to creativity , a basic condition! However, I can investigate a profound understanding of an entrepreneur. From this seminar I comprehended that everybody can possibly turn into a business visionary (has the potential to become an entrepreneur), yet you have to contribute practically everything. because once you get successful, you can get a much more grounded satisfaction and certainty from it. For businessmen/women, beginning and running an effective organization resemble the ” American Dream”. In spite of the fact that the route to this fantasy is prickly and sloppy, they know whether they not construct their undertaking, others would enlist them to assemble the fantasy that is not having a place with them.

Okay enough introduction, lets move to the JOURNEY ! shall we ?


The first speaker was Mrs. Ollwyn Morah, she is the founder of COGNIKIDS, a mother of two also she is a school teacher for 15 years working with children with disabilities. She built up her business which was an “Easy gip crawl suit” to help babies as they start to crawl.ollwyn-morah

Mrs.Ollwyn had no knowledge or experience in setting up a business so did not realize what she was in for when she began her business. When she cooperated with the Ryan Academy and took an interest in a workshop, she had an inclination that she was in the wrong place.  however, at last and with a considerable passion for her product, she figured out how to set up her own organization.

I found Mrs.Morah presentation was reviving to hear that there are effective individuals who began off with only a thought. It demonstrated to me that having a degree in Business isn’t the key ingredient. Being passionate and hustle are.

corlytics  john-byrne

The second speaker was John Byrne . He is one of the main entrepreneurs in the software sector. He was one of the helping to establish individuals in one of the principal grounds organizations in Ireland in 1985. also,a worldwide player in the securities programming industry. John then chose to start a start-up. He is as of now the CEO and author of Corlytics Ltd. Corlytics Ltd. Is an organization that reveals and evaluates administrative hazard comprehensively in the financial area. 

John Byrne clarified how we conceivably have it easier than people from prior times, where technology was basically non-existent. It was exceptionally troublesome for Start-up organizations to get their names out in the general population’s eye. These days for example,you can turn out to be all around perceived quickly by propelling an application, which should be possible by watching recordings on YouTube.

In addition, he said that speed and timing are the key ascribes for having the capacity to contend, for example, a various group comprising of bank investigation and It and Tech authorities. With his 20 years encounter he know is about recognizing a gap and rapidly filling it.

 gerard-forde bizimply

The third speaker was Gerard Forde, an entrepreneur who first got to be known as one of the founding chiefs of the organic restaurant chain “Nude”. also he is the co-founder of Bizimply.
Bizimply is a simple way for workers to check all through clock in and out of work in an efficient manner. It joins Scheduling, HR, Clock-in Stations, Shift Reporting and more into one simple to-utilize cloud based system.

Gerard’s advice on building a start up includes:

  • Build a story.
  • Build a great product.
  • Find a great team.
  • Create hype.
  • Boot strap- keep costs down.
  • Love your customers.
  • Build a sales machine.
  • Win competitions.
  • Find great investors.
  • Have fun.


The fourth speaker and the last one was Ms. Nadia a lecturer at Princess Nora University. She is also one of the owners of START an event and conference management company.

When she graduated, she said that she had to pick either to finish her masters degree or to open her own small business. She is an ambition woman who believed in herself and decided to open a store but after some market researches, it demonstrated that it would cost her a lot. Inevitably, she chose to proceed with her masters’s degree.she backtracked to Saudi Arabia and began searching for an occupation yet tragically she didn’t locate an appropriate employment.

After that, she began to understand that she ought to begin opining her own company for an occasion and gathering administration organization called START. she additionally said the key of accomplishment in the event that you need to begin your own business is just to have a reasonable arrangement and accomplish something that you like, have a decent group and have great association with the partners particularly with your rivals.

Overall, it was an incredible day.I delighted in the entire seminar since it gives us a chance to listen to their effective stories and knowing their strategies entering the business. It is basically rousing approach to figure out how to begin a business listening to their stories, it demonstrated to me that finishing your objective will be hard and requesting however you got the chance to pick up quality and created self discipline to accomplish them.


My best advice to entrepreneurs is this:” Forget about making mistakes, just do it.” – Ajaero Tony Martins

goodbye till next time!