Month: December 2016

#Get_Mobile – Vive la évolution !


Any sufficiently advanced technology is equivalent to magic. – Arthur C. Clarke


On 15th of December 2016, my classmates and I attended the last seminar of the year “Get Mobile“. All speakers in this seminar gave us insight of the development of mobile phones and M-commerce, in addition how these things open new doors in advertising for businesses. The seminar highlighted how mobile phones has completely revolutionized not only how businesses operate but our lives too.

let’s find out how smartphones are taking over, 


The first speaker of the day was Dr. Doua’ A. Nassar

Dr. Doua’ A. Nassar is an Assistant Professor in Faculty of Computer and Information Science, Information System Department at Princess Nourah bint Abdulrahman University. She is interested in e-commerce, m-commerce and social media. She started the seminar explaining what M-commerce, M-commerce attributes and applications.

In addition to the difference between E and M commerce where i learned that In e-commerce, the use of the internet is necessary yet in the case of m-commerce the utilization of the internet is not compulsory.

she showed us the power of mobile all through the society and this present period. she gave us insights made me understand that the force of social media and the improvement of its social innovations are significantly more progressed than I suspected. which reminded me of a video I watched while back about buying groceries from supermarket without the need…. you know what let me show you the video 

Smart right ? very advansed too. I was very fascinated because i loved the idea ! Also, Dr. Doua’ discussed M-commerce development life cycle which depends on coordinated improvement structure, contains reconciliation of basic considers every period of frameworks advancement life cycle of m-commerce applications and in addition rules to take after for leading exercises in the application improvement, including particular models, apparatuses and procedures.


Finally, she talked about the war between android and iOS and showed us some comparison between the two. 


#team_iOS though. what about you ?


The second speaker was Colm Dwyer, Head of Sales, Microsoft Ireland he talked about Microsoft and Mobility. 

Colm Dwyer let us know that Microsoft is working to deliver devices which have a wonderful design and feel and how proud microsoft is with them because they make a difference.
Also, how they’ve addressed customer needs and wants, as they’ve separated their devices to top of the line smartphones and to moderate and affordable smartphones. I discovered that with a specific end goal to build deals, it is imperative to meet costumer fulfillment first. another wonderfull  thing was video showing us the release of new lumia devices which believed to have an awesome stride to impact our day by day lives.  

Microsoft Lumia as he said is the smooth multitasking nature of the phone in the way it works precisely like a PC aimed to enhance efficiency with the best Windows 10 encounter. From his talk, I understood the importance of  mobile marketing in this day and age, cell phones has been a piece of humans lives, subsequently, for organizations, taking in the procedures on the best way to do marketing through cell phones are huge to  most organizations.  when smart devices turn out to be significantly more developed, for instance, google glass and apple watch, there are going have substantially more open doors for marketing, mobile marketing will take over the business world.

here is another video of lumia device, it shows how Microsoft keeping up with the trends and relating the product to their customers 

In conclusion, this is a mobile era, this is a mobile world. mobile associations implies opportunities, mobile relationship implies potential outcomes. Opportunities prompt to innovativeness, possibilities lead to improvement.Mobile marketing is thriving and assuming an essential part in business world. I figured out how critical is it for organizations to connect with Mobile marketing and how viable it is whether they are led appropriately.  Free wifi, applications, messages and emails are fundamental channels to help business do the mobile marketing. Having compelling mobile marketing implies better deals figure, bigger clients number and an approach to achievement and revive.

Vive la évolution !




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